May 13, 2024


More global poultry producers join effort to reduce antimicrobial use



Seven more groups involved in poultry have joined an international initiative aimed at decreasing the use of antimicrobials on poultry farms, Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy reported.


These organisations, including poultry associations from various European nations and fast-food giant Yum! Brands, have committed to adopting principles developed by the Transformational Strategies for Farm Risk Output Mitigation (TRANSFORM) project.


Funded by the US Agency for International Development, the initiative is spearheaded by a consortium comprising Cargill, Heifer International, and the International Poultry Council (IPC), utilizing antimicrobial stewardship principles devised by the IPC.


These principles urge participants to undertake action in four crucial areas: (1) employing a risk-based approach regarding antimicrobial use, (2) implementing farm management practices to enhance animal health and diminish the necessity for antimicrobials, (3) adhering to national authorizations when utilizing antimicrobials, and (4) employing medically important antibiotics solely under the supervision and diagnosis of a qualified veterinarian.


With the addition of these new signatories, a total of 26 organisations have now pledged support for TRANSFORM, representing over 40% of global poultry meat production. Initiated in 2021, the project has provided training to more than 80,000 farmers in India and Kenya.


IPC President Ricardo Santin said that by proactively supporting science-based antimicrobial use principles, the private sector is sending a clear message that antimicrobial stewardship is good business.


-      Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy

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