Having successfully completed the second phase of its development in late 2015, the liquid methionine plant in Nanjing, China, can now produce Rhodimet® AT88 at full capacity, i.e. 140,000 tonnes per annum.


This fully-integrated plant, from sulphur and petrochemical raw materials to methionine, allows Adisseo to have complete control over the production process and to achieve full competitiveness at this site.


As the new production facility, Adisseo's Nanjing plant, which started producing Rhodimet® AT88 in 2013, has demonstrated, it can run smoothly at full design capacity, matching that of its sister plant in Burgos, Spain. Adisseo is able to offer uniform Rhodimet® AT88 product from either plants to its customers worldwide. Both production sites are applying the same Health, Safety, Environment and Quality standards, and Nanjing's Safety standard is considered to be the highest.


Adisseo wishes to express its gratitude to all its customers who have chosen Rhodimet® AT88 product, thus allowing significant market growth in recent years and demonstrating its full value to its users.


Adisseo is actively preparing for future development by combining extension and debottlenecking of existing production units, and by studying new potential production sites in order to keep pace with its customers' development and to meet their requests for high quality and cost efficient sources for methionine.


Adisseo is committed to produce at full capacity in all its liquid facilities, to pursue the development of its Rhodimet brand. In addition, Adisseo is constantly adjusting its powder methionine production according to actual customer demand.


About Adisseo


Adisseo is one of the world's leading experts in animal feed additives. The Group relies on its seven research and technology centres and its production facilities in Europe and China, to design, produce and market nutritional solutions for sustainable animal feed. With 1,800 employees, it serves more than 2,600 customers in over 100 countries through its global distribution network. In 2014, Adisseo achieved a turnover of more than EUR1 billion. Adisseo is one of the main subsidiaries of China National BlueStar, a leader in the Chinese chemical industry with nearly 25,000 employees and a turnover of RMB50.2 billion (EUR6.1 billion).



About Adisseo products and services


Adisseo offers its customers four forms of an essential amino acid, methionine for poultry and swine (Rhodimet® AT88 and Rhodimet® NP99) and protected methionine for ruminants (Smartamine® and MetaSmart®); a complete range of vitamins (Microvit®), enzymes (Rovabio®), organic selenium (Selisseo®) and AdiSodiumTM. Adisseo supports the development of its customers by providing valuable and innovative services such as Precise Nutrition Evaluation (PNE), a NIR service.



Adisseo's Official Website: www.adisseo.com
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