May 11, 2023


DSM and Firmenich merge, new company launches with animal health unit



DSM-Firmenich, the result of the merger between DSM and Firmenich, has officially launched as a new company specialising in the fields of animal nutrition, human health and beauty, DSM-Firmenich reported.


The newly formed company has been organised into four distinct businesses, one of which is focused on animal nutrition and health. This division is dedicated to efficiently and sustainably delivering healthy animal proteins while harnessing the power of data to enhance transparency and productivity in animal farming practices.


DSM-Firmenich said they have set the ambitious task of aiding the animal farming industry in feeding the world's growing population in a more sustainable manner.


The company said their farm-to-fork solutions assist farmers in reducing their environmental footprint, enhancing animal performance and welfare, and ensuring sustainable livelihoods, adding that they strive to provide high-quality animal protein that is healthy, nutritious, safe, and affordable.


The remaining three businesses within DSM-Firmenich are focused on human health, nutrition, and care; taste, texture, and health for food and beverage products; and perfumery and beauty.


Boasting a formidable team of nearly 30,000 professionals and combining their respective capabilities, DSM-Firmenich aims to be at the forefront of innovation in reinventing, manufacturing, and blending nutrients, flavours, and fragrances.


-      DSM-Firmenich

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