May 11, 2022


Italy to cull wild boars to stop spread of African swine fever



Italy will commence wild boar culls around the capital city of Rome after African swine fever (ASF) was detected among these swine, Reuters reported.


There are concerns ASF is spreading after the case was detected in Rome, as it was the first case discovered in central Italy. ASF was detected in in northwest Italy at the start of this year.


Authorities from the Lazio region, which surrounds Rome, said out of 16 new tests carried out on wild boars following the first detected case, two were likely positive to the disease.


Andrea Costa, the Junior Health Minister, said a nationwide cull of wild boars was needed even though there are concerns voiced by animal rights groups and environmentalists.


China stopped pork imports from Italy after ASF was detected in the north-western Piedmont region in a wild boar.


-      Reuters