May 11, 2020


African swine fever outbreak reported in Africa's Eastern Cape province


An African swine fever outbreak has been detected in South Africa's Eastern Cape Province for the first time, Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development and Fisheries Minister Thoko Didiza said on Saturday, May 9, as per report of Fin24.


The new outbreak comes months after the government banned the public auction of hoofed livestock to prevent the spread of foot and mouth in December. The World Health Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) was accordingly notified after the post-mortem investigations found ASF.


"Control measures currently in place include that all infected pigs should be as far as possible from those that are not and must be housed alone to avoid contact with other pigs in the area to limit the spread of the disease", Didiza said, as per report.


She said the outbreak occurred in a communal environment, which made movement control and biosecurity among pig herds difficult.


To ensure that pigs from unaffected commercial pig farms in the area that are to be slaughtered are free from ASF, the minister said they must have health attestations declaring that the herds' origins have not shown any signs indicating ASF or did not have higher than normal pig deaths.


She also urged farmers and livestock owners to keep their pigs enclosed and keep pigs only from reliable sources.


The police have likewise been requested to prevent movement of pigs between piggeries and unnecessary contact between pigs and people.