May 11, 2011


High feed prices affect Welsh pig farmers



More people in Wales are buying pork products, but high feed prices mean Welsh producers are unable to make ends meet.


New figures released by Hybu Cig Cymru (Meat Promotion Wales) show that pork sales in Wales rose by nearly 9% to just under 17,000 tonnes in 2010, with consumers spending nearly 6% more at EUR77 million (US$111 million).


"Feed costs now account for over 75% of total costs as wheat and barley prices are significantly higher. This rise in commodity prices has resulted in the average pig producer failing to meet their cost of production," said HCC's John Richards.


But he said there were optimistic signs. The December 2010 Survey of Agriculture showed the number of breeding pigs on Welsh farms rose by 16% and now stands at nearly 4,500, while the total number of pigs also rose by 22% to 27,000.

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