May 10, 2017


Indonesia targets to reduce corn imports to 900,000 tonnes



To encourage farmers to increase their production, Indonesia plans to prohibit corn imports this year, President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo said, according to a report carried by the Jakarta Post.


With this new policy, the Indonesian government hopes to reduce its corn imports to only 900,000 tonnes, down from 3.6 million tonnes last year.


Widodo said that to encourage farmers to increase their productivity, the corn floor price was set at Rp2,700 (20 US cents) per kilogramme.


Farmers have complained about the price of corn, which goes for as low as Rp1,500 (11 cents) due to the pressure from corn imports.


"With the instruction, farmers have been encouraged to produce more corn because it promises good profits," Widodo said in a statement issued by the Presidential Office last weekend, according to Jakarta Post.