May 9, 2023


Russia-China poultry trade increases



The poultry trade between Russia and China is on the rise, with Cherkizovo, Russia's largest poultry producer, sending its first batch of chicken feet to China by rail, Poultry World reported.


Cherkizovo dispatched 50 tonnes of chicken feet in refrigerator containers, which is expected to be an alternative to sea transportation.


This mode of delivery can reduce delivery time from 45 to 15 days. From June, Cherkizovo plans to send an average of three trains with chicken products to China every month, with the number of containers increasing from 30 in the first shipment to 41. The company's primary sales market is China, where it sold 40,000 tonnes of chicken and turkey products in 2022.


The company hopes to develop direct rail shipments to China as an alternative to complex and lengthy logistics using the sea route, with trains allowing for direct delivery to its customers.


While this development holds promising logistics opportunities for Cherkizovo, it has sparked concern among Russian poultry farmers who fear that the inflow of cheap poultry from China may lead to a decline in prices.


Sergey Lakhtyukhov, the general director of the Russian national union of poultry producers, said that a steady increase in exports from China is a "wake-up call" for the industry.


He said that if this trend continues, it may hurt the average profitability in the industry and may result in Russian poultry farmers shutting down operations.


-      Poultry World

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