May 9, 2013


Russia approves construction of North Caucasus poultry complex


The Russian government has approved RUB3.6 billion (US$120 million) for the construction of the largest poultry complex in the Republic of North Caucasus, in the southern part of the country.


The facility, which will be located in the territory of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, will be able to produce 30,000 tonnes of poultry/year, of which about 10,000 tonnes will be turkey meat. All products will be produced according to Muslim standards.


"The project is focused on the production of a wide range of products, including: turkey carcass meat, cut products, semi-finished products and further processed products (sausage, hot dogs, pastrami, smoked sausages, et cetera) under the halal brand. Particular importance will be given to the production of further processed products, which will enable the company to offer consumers the widest range of halal meat products on the market", said a spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic.


Experts pointed out that the project is very important for the whole region, where there is currently a shortage of industrially produced poultry meat which meets halal standards. Currently, the North Caucasus is home to almost 10 million people and the majority of them are Muslims.


"The implementation of the project contributes to the solution of problems mentioned in the state doctrine of national food security, which aims to substitute imports of basic foods, including poultry," said a report on the project. "The poultry complex will be created in accordance with the requirements of Russian and international standards, and it has the opportunity to be certified in future according to EU and WTO standards."


The poultry industry has been developing rapidly in the North Caucasus recently. The construction of a new RUB14 billion (US$450 million) livestock and poultry complex in the Republic of Dagestan started recently, while discussions are also under way for the construction of a similar complex in the Republic of Ingushetia, which would also focus on turkey meat.

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