May 9, 2007


New Hope Group launches first "green" pig farm in Chongqing, China



China's New Hope Group has jointly built a pig farm with Ronchang county in Chongqing municipality.

The company said the farm would be adapted to the pigs' natural behaviour and provide more welfare for its animals.

The 5,000-square metres farm was built at a cost of RMB 6 million (US$780,000), with more than 3,000 square metres for the farm itself. All pens would be fitted with a close circuit TV to allow maintenance staff to monitor the pigs and thus minimise human interference.

The pigs would not be housed in the typical narrow steel crates that would not allow them to turn around. Instead, each would be housed in pens of at least 10 square metres. There would also be breeding facilities and other modernized medical facilities. This would help alleviate the animals' pain during parturition and disease treatment, the company said.

An additional RMB 2 million (US$260,000) has also been invested to plant grass around the farm, thus bringing it a step closer to being a "green" pig farm.