May 8, 2024


Heatwave in Pabna, Bangladesh affects poultry farmers



Poultry farmers in Pabna, Bangladesh, are affected by a heatwave in the country as the scorching temperatures have led to a decrease in egg production and chickens dying, Financial Express reported.


Farmers said that the tin canopies over their sheds absorb excessive heat, exacerbating the conditions for their birds. Even frequent water splashing has failed to alleviate the distress, with chickens dying to heatstroke.


The economic toll is also severe, with egg prices plummeting below production costs. Farmers fear significant losses, with some estimating losses of BDT 20 (US$0.18) per kg of broiler chicken.


Md Saiful Islam, president of the Chatmohar Upazila Poultry Farm Owners Association, reported significant losses, with hundreds of chickens dead in recent days, leaving many farmers anxious about loan repayments.


Jahabul Haque, president of the Bangladesh Poultry Association Ishwardi Branch, highlights the widespread impact, with over 115 farms in the area facing similar challenges.


The district livestock department records nearly 1,000 registered layer chicken farms and over 1,000 broiler chicken farms in the district, with millions of chickens affected by the heatwave.


-      Financial Express

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