May 8, 2023


Belgium's feed production in 2022 sees biggest drop since 2011




Animal feed production in Belgium fell by 6% in 2022 to 6.7 million tonnes, the lowest level since 2011.


According to Vilt, various factors were attributed to the decline: the war in Ukraine, record high prices of raw materials, the energy crisis, uncertainty surrounding the nitrogen agreement and the impact of bird flu in the poultry sector.


The strongest drop in production occurred in the pig sector. Pig slaughter in Belgium decreased by 9.2% in 2022 compared to a year earlier. This also had an immediate impact on the production of pig feed which fell by 8.7% in volume last year.


In 2022, pig feed made up 50.2% of the total share of feed production, almost 2% less than the previous year. The cattle sector accounts for 23.3% of the share, poultry for 18.9% and hobby feeds for 7.6%.


The decline in feed production was much less pronounced for other sectors: -2.2% for cattle feed and -1.9% for poultry.

- Vilt

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