May 8, 2012


Ukraine sows spring crops over 6.88 million ha



As of May 4, 2012, Ukraine sowed spring grains and leguminous crops over 6.88 million ha, or 77% of the plan, according to operative data of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.


Agrarians planted corn for grain throughout nearly three million ha of the planned areas of 4.44 million ha.


Agrarians planted sorghum throughout 55 thsd ha (31% of the plan), buckwheat - 54 thsd ha (19%) and millet - 68 thsd ha (29%).


Besides, Ukraine planted soy throughout 738 thsd ha, or 57% of the plan.


Sunflower seed planted areas covered 66% of the planned four million ha - 2.7 million ha.


As of May 4, Ukraine re-planted 907 thsd ha of the perished winter grain areas, or 58% of the forecast. In particular, agrarians re-planted spring grains throughout 772 thsd ha, including barley - 431 thsd ha, corn - 288 thsd ha, sorghum - 17 thsd ha, other spring crops - 135 thsd ha.