May 7, 2020


Symaga builds new projects in Egypt and Ukraine


Spanish firm Symaga strengthens continuous growth with the installation of two new projects in Egypt and Ukraine.


The new plants in Egypt are added to Symaga's largest storage project in the world as built by the company in 2015. The second project, which is currently under construction, is located in Ukraine - the country where most of the company's silos are present with more than five million m3 of storage built.


Bühler has opted for Symaga's storage solutions for the new project of National Service Projects Organizations (NSPO) of Egypt. The mill, located in El Sadat City near Cairo, has a plant of 14 silos of 19.86-metre diameter, 17 rings-high and 6,500 m3 / 5,000 tonnes per silo. A wheat storage plant with a total capacity of 91,000 m3 / 70,000 tonnes will play a key role in logistics and storage within the Egyptian food safety strategy.


In Ukraine, Kernel Group's Enselco Agro, a global reference trader in the agricultural market, has once again selected Symaga for the development of its new storage plant in Starokonstantinov. The plant boasts of 12 silos of Symaga's SBH3208 / 25 model, the largest capacity silo of its range, with a 32-metre diameter and a total height of 37.51 metres, and a total capacity of 306,000 m3.


Enselco is a trader that belongs to a group of 42 companies, which constitute Enselko Agro, TOV corporate family, with 1,478 employees and US$115.1 million in sales. This is the second project of Symaga with Kernel group. In 2018, the company supplied six SBH3208 silos for the Transgrainterminal company - a total of 134,564 m3 of storage for the Ukrainian terminal of Chornomorets.

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