May 7, 2013


Importers of Vietnam's seafood recognise quality of seafood


Importers from the EU, the US and Japan have highly appreciated Vietnam's seafood quality, according to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP).


Statistics from the three largest import markets in the EU, Japan and the US show that quality of Vietnamese seafood exports has improved compared to previous years, despite difficulties since the beginning of this year, causing even export turnover to fall marginally.


At present, 130 Pangasius breeding farms on more than 2,800 hectares in the Mekong Delta have the 'Certificate for Sustainability', and account for nearly 40% of the region's total breeding area.


More than 50% of the fish processing plants have received quality certification from organisations like Global G.A.P. and Agriculture Stewardship Council (ASC).


The seafood farming area meeting food hygiene and safety standards of Europe, the US and Japan has also increased.


According to the Fisheries General Department, Vietnam is among the top five seafood export countries in the world.


In 2012, Vietnamese seafood was exported to 160 nations and territories with total export turnover of US$6.13 billion. Vietnam covers 99% of the world's pangasius exports.

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