May 7, 2012


Ukraine's Q1 2012 milk production up



Agrarian Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk told the press on Thursday (May 3) that Ukraine's first quarter of 2012 overall intake of milk to processing plants rose 10%, and to farms 19% of which 19 regions of the country have increased milk production.


"At the end of the first quarter in 19 regions of the country all categories of households increased milk production, and agricultural enterprises - in all regions without exception. Milk production in the first quarter of this year rose by 64,000 tonnes, or 3.2%, and amounts to two million tonnes," Prysiazhniuk emphasised.


In addition, the overall intake of milk to processing plants went up.


"The processing plants in the reporting period received 958,000 tonnes of milk, which makes the overall growth of about 10%, and agricultural enterprises - 509,700 tonnes, an increase of 19% and 52.6% of the total volume of raw milk, supplied for processing. This indicates that today the marketability of milk increases and demonstrates the positive results," the minister noted.


The State Statistics Service has informed Ukrainian News that in March, milk production rose by 39.1% or 240,600 tonnes compared to February, to 856,600 tonnes.


Private farms increased milk production by 46.2% to 644,100 tonnes, and specialised farms increased it by 21.2% to 212,500 tonnes.


In March 2012, milk production increased by 2.4% or 19,900 tonnes compared to March 2011. In January-March 2012, as compared with the same period of 2011, milk production increased by 3.2% or 64,300 tonnes to 2,063,800 tonnes. As Ukrainian News earlier reported, in February, milk production rose by 4.2% or 24,800 tonnes compared to January, to 616,000 tonnes.


In 2011 against 2010 milk production fell by 1.5% or 163,700 tonnes to 11,084,800 tonnes.