May 6, 2010


Bangladesh government suspends Indian poultry imports


The Bangladesh government has prohibited the import of eggs and chicks from India due to cases of bird flu in some parts of the country.


A notification from the National Board of Revenue imposing the ban reached the authority of Benapole Port in Bangladesh last Tuesday (May 4).


Last year, the government allowed import of eggs because there has been scarcity in the domestic market due to the damage brought by bird flu to the poultry farms. Three business firms were granted permission to import 200 million of eggs.


Informed sources said the import ban came midway; at least 100 million eggs have already been imported from India.


Meanwhile, the poultry farm owners' association of the Jessore district has been demanding for a ban on chicks and eggs import from India on a different case. The association argued that the shortage in the domestic supply has already been surmounted and import should be banned to protect the local poultry farms.

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