May 5, 2014


Chile's 2013 seafood exports up 16% on-year



In 2013, shipments of Chilean seafood totalled US$5.27 billion, an increase of 16% in regard to last year, where the exports reached a total of US$4.56 billion.


Due to a strong production and international positioning, Chilean fisheries and aquaculture have grown exponentially in the last 30 years. Chile is renowned for its natural marine resources which allow diversified fishing exploitation, thanks to its privileged position in the South Pacific and the Humboldt Current, rich in phytoplankton.


These conditions have allowed this fast growing industry in Chile to gain more strength. The global shipments of Chilean salmon and trout surpassed the US$3.5 billion in 2013, showing a 22% increase in comparison to 2012. Meanwhile, the Mussel shipments showed a 20% increase during the same period. These results support the successful implementation of a public-private strategy implemented by Chile, in which trade promotion tools have been developed to improve global recognition of the Chilean product and to increase exports.   


At the 2013 European Seafood Exposition, Chile sought to convey to Europe the importance of their market for Chilean seafood, putting special emphasis on the sustainability of their production. That message has apparently derived in significant results, which are quantified by the amount of shipments that this industry has made from Chile to Europe, achieving an important milestone when seafood exports increased in more than 44%. This, of course, sustained by a clear strategy of market diversification strongly positioning new markets such as Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Poland among others, and on the other hand, an important maintenance plan that highlights the sustainable nature of the Chilean offer in key markets such as Spain, France, Germany and Italy.


"The number of exporting companies attending the Chilean pavilion has constantly increased, which shows companies' particular interest in participating in this fair, under the same sectorial umbrella," said Christophe Desplas, Director for ProChile in Benelux.


Both salmon and mussels experienced significant increase in their exports to Europe. Salmon increased its shipments in a 147%, going from US$219 million in 2012 to US$541 million in 2013. Meanwhile, mussels' shipments totalled US$136 million in 2013, 19% more than in 2012, year in which they totalled US$114 million.