May 5, 2011


Weda introduces new dry feeding mixer

Press Release


Weda has introduced the worldwide first dry feeding system onto the market by means of which pigs' feed can be distributed into four feed circles from a compact mixer.

The dry feed mixer (TM) is available in the versions of "TM 100" and "TM 40" and takes up 40 or 100 kg per mixing process. By means of this robust device, various feed mixes can be filled in after another and can be fed out in two parallel running lines at the same time.

The innovative Weda technology thus ensures an efficient multi-phase feeding process: with the aid of the "TM" the running times of the feed chains are clearly shortened while the throughput of the feed is increased. This way it is now possible to construct the mixing unit in such a way that the feed centre requires just one feeding interval and that feeding does not have to take place twice a day. The Weda mixer, however, also saves costs as fewer devices will be required for the processing of the feed amount. By the simple upgrading from the 40-kg to the 100-kg version, a lot of time is saved in the feeding process -- especially when the established 80-kg mixes are fed out.

With the development of the feeding distributor, the Lower Saxon market leader relies on the modular construction of the proven Weda components with just a small "foot print". Therefore, - besides the costs - pig farmers also save space inside the animal house by the use of the Weda mixer. The dimensions of the stationary system are compact so that the four feed lines can be charged in a space saving way. Both systems only require a floor space of approximately 1.65 m x 1.65 m. Already available Weda units can be converted into the TM system problem-free.

The construction of the filling hopper guarantees a high degree of feed hygiene as there are no parts on the inside of the hopper which form an obstacle by encouraging the formation of feed bridges. The cleaning also becomes easier this way; the dry mixer of Weda can be simply washed out with water and without the addition of cleaning agents.

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