May 4, 2021


Avivagen announces largest single customer purchase order


Avivagen Inc. has announced on April 23 it has received a purchase order for a single shipment of 4.4 tonnes of OxC-beta Livestock from Philippines-based UNAHCO.


The purchase order is the largest single shipment purchase order of OxC-beta to date and represents a 10% increase in size over its previous record single shipment order.


"UNAHCO has been amongst the earliest adopters of OxC-beta for use in swine, and recently poultry, and its continued growth in order frequency and size is a clear indicator of the value that our product brings to the livestock feed production market," said Kym Anthony, chief executive officer of Avivagen Inc. 


"We continue to add new applications and markets for OxC-beta worldwide that, taken together with our ongoing relationships with great and growing customers like UNAHCO, are providing dramatic growth potential and success for Avivagen."


- Avivagen

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