May 4, 2021


Avivagen announces first purchase order from integrated producer in Thailand


Avivagen Inc. has announced on April 26 it has received its first purchase order from a large, integrated livestock producer in Thailand.


According to Avivagen, the client is a well-known swine and poultry producer in Asia. The first purchase order from the client comes on the heels of several trials conducted by the company with sows and piglets over the last nine months, during which Avivagen's OxC-beta Livestock consistently outperformed any and all competitive alternatives, Avivagen said.


"We are very excited about this purchase from a very large and established market leading livestock producer in Thailand," said Kym Anthony, chief executive officer of Avivagen.  "It is our belief that this first purchase, similar to our experience with UNAHCO, will lead to a growing rollout over the coming quarters and years by the customer and is likely to influence other producers in (Asia) to adopt our product. The real world evidence of the benefits of our product are leading to more customer wins and growing adoption of our OxC-beta Livestock product."


- Avivagen

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