May 4, 2021


Avivagen announces recurring order for OxC-beta Livestock


Avivagen Inc. has announced on May 3 that Meyenberg International Group, Avivagen's consultant in Mexico, has entered into a contract which secures a four tonnes per month recurring order for the company's OxC-beta Livestock in Mexico.


The contract, which is 18 months from signing and includes an order for 500kg delivered on April 30, is a commitment to purchase a minimum of four tonnes monthly, starting in July 2021 and ending October 2022.


"As we continue to see successful commercial trials conclude in those jurisdictions where OxC-beta Livestock is approved, we anticipate increased demand to follow, as has recently been demonstrated in Mexico and Thailand," said Kym Anthony, chief executive officer of Avivagen. "With numerous other commercial trials currently underway and nearing completion, it is our belief that the continued success of such company trials will help to accelerate the adoption and use of OxC-beta Livestock in approved jurisdictions and beyond."


Anthony added: "It is our belief that OxC-beta Livestock, once started by a customer, becomes core to their continued operations and will drive recurring orders for years to come."


- Avivagen

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