May 4, 2012


Ukraine sows spring crops over 5.9 million ha



Ukrainian agrarians sowed spring agricultural crops over 5.9 million ha, or 66% of the estimate (8.9 million ha), which corresponds to the planned dates, said Nikolai Prysiazhnyuk, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, on May 3.


As of May 3, 2012, Ukraine continued realising spring field works.


Besides, the Minister informed that agrarians already finished planting early spring crops throughout the areas of 3.6 million ha, up 200 thsd ha compared with last year.


In particular, agrarians planted spring wheat throughout 250 thsd ha, barley - 2.814 million ha, oats - 311 thsd ha, peas - 248 thsd ha. The areas of corn for grain totalled two million ha, or 44% of the forecast, said the Minister.


According to the plans of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, in the current year the corn planted areas will total 4.4 million ha, and the increase in production of the grain is caused by the increased demand on both domestic and foreign markets.


In addition, the Minister noted that as of the reporting date Ukrainian agrarians started planting groats.


Agrarians already planted buckwheat throughout the areas of 20 thsd ha, millet - 39 thsd ha, rice - 0.3 thsd ha. The planted areas of sunflower seed covered the areas of 2 million ha, soy - 384 thsd ha, re-planting of winter grains with spring crops was held throughout the areas of 722 thsd ha, N.Prysiazhnyuk said.


The head of the Ministry noted that agrarians realise the spring field works in compliance with all scheduled dates.