May 4, 2007


Russia's July 2006-March 2007 wheat export down 3.3 percent on-year



Russia exported 8.73 million tonnes of wheat and 1.19 million tonnes of barley between July 1, 2006--the beginning of the current marketing year--and March 31, according to a report published Thursday (May 3) by the International Grain Company.


For the year-earlier period, Russia exported 9.03 million tonnes of wheat and 1.46 million tonnes of barley.


Total wheat exports in the 2006/07 marketing year are forecast at 10.2 million tonnes, about the same as in the previous season.


Barley exports are forecast at 1.5 million-1.6 million tonnes, down from the 1.72 million tonnes exported in the 2005/06 marketing year.


In March, 805,000 tonnes of wheat were exported, of which 27 percent went to Egypt, 15 percent to Turkey, 9.5 percent to Yemen, 8 percent to Bangladesh, 8 percent to Tunisia, 6 percent to Libya and 5 percent each to Israel and Italy, with smaller amounts exported to Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Georgia, Mongolia among others.


March barley exports were 245,000 tonnes, of which 69 percent went to Saudi Arabia, 12 percent to Israel, 7 percent to Tunisia, 5 percent to Syria, and smaller amounts to Greece, Kazakhstan, Libya, Ukraine.


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