May 3, 2024


Turkey implements export limits on chicken meat to safeguard domestic market


Turkey's Trade Ministry unveiled plans to enforce restrictions on chicken meat exports from May 1 until December 31, 2024, aiming to shield domestic consumers amid inflationary trends and disruptions observed in pricing dynamics, Daily Sabah reported.


The ministry outlined that the export limitations would encompass whole poultry and parts, capped at a maximum of 10,000 tonnes per month and totalling 80,000 tonnes by year-end.


In a written statement, the ministry highlighted Turkey's significant position as one of the world's foremost producers and exporters in poultry farming and the white meat sector, crediting the current production volume to sound policies in production and export implemented over the years.


Acknowledging Turkey's historical ability to satisfy both domestic and international demand, the statement emphasised recent regional and global risks contributing to an upward trajectory in the global food price index. This trend has prompted nations to take measures to safeguard domestic market supply, particularly for essential agricultural products.


However, the ministry observed that an escalation in chicken prices during the early months of 2024 had surpassed the general inflation rate, monthly fluctuations in cost elements such as feed and energy, and currency exchange rate variations.


Highlighting the departure from normal market conditions and pricing behaviours, the ministry conducted thorough analyses on production, consumption, foreign trade, and price formations through collaboration with relevant public institutions and sectoral organisations.


Consequently, after meticulous consultations and evaluations, the ministry reaffirmed the designated dates and quota limits for poultry product exports, aligning with the necessity to mitigate supply-side challenges and uphold consumer welfare in the domestic market.


Additionally, the ministry disclosed its inspections of 16 producer companies from October 1, 2022, to October 31, 2023, and resumed these inspections recently in response to complaints regarding exorbitant price hikes in the poultry sector.


Notably, administrative fines were imposed on eight firms found in violation by the Unfair Price Evaluation Board following initial inspections.


-      Daily Sabah

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