May 3, 2023


Egypt releases 211,000 tonnes of corn, soybeans during April 19-27




Egypt's Minister of Agriculture, Al-Sayed Al-Qaseer, has confirmed that the country's release of fodder requirements in coordination with the Central Bank of Egypt.


According to Al-Qaseer, during the period of April 19-27, 211,000 tonnes of corn and soybeans were released, at a value of about $99 million. He added that the release included 163,000 tonnes of corn worth $59 million, about 48,000 tonnes of soybeans worth $36 million and feed additives worth about $4 million.


Al-Qaseer also indicated that the total that was released during the period from October 16, 2022 to April 27, 2023 is 4.2 million tonnes, including 3.1 million tonnes of corn, 1.1 million tonnes of soybeans and feed additives with a total amount of $2 billion.


He stressed that the release of fodder come with the aim of providing quantities of corn and soy in the market, which are the basic ingredients for poultry feed, as well as farm animals.


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