May 3, 2023


Davao, Philippines, plans to deliver chicken products to Sennan City, Osaka, Japan




The city government of Davao, the Philippines, aims to export chicken products to Sennan City, Osaka prefecture, Japan, this year, a city councilor said.


"Right now, we see that the potential product to export to Sennan City is chicken because their restaurants are finding it hard to find sources for chicken," said Bernard E. Al-ag, trade, commerce and industry chair of the Davao City council.


Al-ag pointed out that restaurants in Sennan City are experiencing chicken shortage as most of their chickens are imported from Brazil in South America. He added that Davao City can produce enough to export to neighboring countries.


Sennan City prefers ready-to-cook chicken cuts, according to Al-ag.


"Yes, we are capable (of exporting chicken cuts)… we also need laborers to cut these (chicken)," he said.


The latest data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) shows that the Davao Region produced 38,856,985 dressed poultry as of 2021. Of that number, around 99.88% came from Davao del Sur, which includes Davao City.

- SunStar

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