May 3, 2021

Russia's pork consumption to increase by 2-3% in 2021


Russia's pork consumption is expected to grow by another 2-3% this year, according to Yuri Kovalev, the general director of the National Union of Pig Breeders.


One of the main reasons for the growth is that pork production will continue to grow in 2021.


"According to the forecast, in 2021, pork production in carcass weight will grow 3-4%, which is about 150 thousand tonnes," said Kovalev. "This will happen due to the investments already made, since the animals are fattening. This is a continuation of a trend that has been mentioned many times.


"Last year, there was an increase in production; this year there will be as well, and it is also expected in 2022-2023. Of course, provided there is a favorable epizootic situation, (and) if serious cataclysms do not happen, as was the case with bird flu or African swine fever at the end of last year to the beginning of this year."


With increased production, no further increase in export volumes is expected in 2021.


Kovalev added: "Last year, we sold about 206 thousand tonnes abroad. There is little hope for further growth in exports because countries are no longer opening up for exports. Where we have already entered the markets, we have taken very serious positions, so it is difficult to predict an increase in supply volumes."


For this reason, additional volumes of pork production will remain on the domestic market, said Kovalev. "This will lead to the fact that competition will intensify even more; the price will decrease or remain at the level of the previous year (about ₽100 per kilogramme in live weight), which will make pork even more affordable. Therefore, we hope that consumption will also grow by another 2-3% in 2021."


- Veterinary and Life (Russia)

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