May 1, 2012 

Ukraine's 2012 winter crops may drop by 10 million tonnes



This 2012, Ukraine sees lower overall yield of winter agricultural crops by 10 million tonnes compared with 2010, declared Tatyana Adamenko, Head of the agricultural meteorology department of the Hydrometeorological Center of Ukraine.


The Hydrometeorological Center does not expect for a good harvest of winter crops. Meteorological stations provided a survey of all winter crops areas, which gave the reason to believe that in the current year Ukraine will decrease the production volumes of these crops by 8-10 million tonnes compared to last year, said T. Adamenko.


According to her, large-scale planted areas faced the drought in the autumn, and only 40% of all planted areas can provide the sufficient yield level.


T. Adamenko also noted that to date the weather conditions are favourable for harvesting of winter crops and the damaged areas can be restored, only due to the weather conditions, which are currently observed.