April 30, 2007


UK's ABNA feed plant begins operations in China's Henan


The Association British Nutrition & Agric-products (ABNA)'s new plant has started operations in Henan's Suiping, marking a significant milestone in foreign participation in the region's feed sector.


Shanghai Ainong Feed Co. Ltd is a fully foreign-owned subsidiary of ABNA. ABNA is controlled by British's biggest food producer --Association British Food Group (ABF). ABF is the fifth largest global food supplier in Europe. It is also engaged in the production of sugar, food additives, animal breeds and feed.


Suiping county has rapidly expanded its animal production capacity in recent years, with egg production and per capita meat production now the highest in Henan province.


Animal production accounts for nearly 60 percent of the county's agricultural production.


Construction work on the feed plant begun in November 2005. The factory  incorporates ABNA's advanced formulation methods utilizing the rich source of local by-products. The plant is capable of producing compound feeds and feed concentrates to serve Henan, Hubei and Anhui province. Formulation would come from the EU's 120-year expertise in feed research and the most advanced feed processing machines in China.

The feed plant is capable of 180,000-tonne production. Revenues are expected at RMB 180 million with profits at RMB 10 million.