April 30, 2004



European Group To Discuss Monsanto Corn

The European Food Safety Authority will soon decide if they approve a variety of Monsanto Co.'s genetically modified corn. Voting takes place on Friday, according to published reports.


The request is with regards to the industrial processing of its NK603 corn. The commission had said the corn was safe for animal and human consumption last December. If the maize is approved, it would be possible to place it and derived products on the market.


Five European countries rejected approval of the corn in February. The majority of the European population is opposed to genetically modified foods.


Meanwhile, European Union farm ministers had earlier failed to agree on whether to approve the sale of Syngenta's BT-11 genetically modified corn product The issue was subsequently sent back to the European Commission. If there is approval across the board, the measure would lift the five-year moratorium on the import of genetically modified foods.


St. Louis-based Monsanto Co. develops insect and herbicide-resistant crops in addition to other agricultural products.

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