April 29, 2022


Australian swine producers say pork safe to eat as vaccine for Japanese encephalitis is distributed



Swine famers in Australia said pork is safe to eat as a Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) vaccine is rolled out in the country, ABC News reported.


Dr Mary Carr, South Australia's Chief Veterinary Officer, said Australian consumers should be assured that local pork is safe for consumption.


Experts have forecast that the virus will disrupt supply chains in states such as New South Wales, but Dr Carr said there were no output issues in South Australia.


She said they have ensured that swine movement continues, which minimises any impact to the sector.


Andrew Johnson, chairman of Pork South Australia, said the sector felt supported by the state and federal governments and he called on consumers to support local pork. 


Seven JEV cases were confirmed in commercial South Australian piggeries. No new cases were detected since early April.


There are 22 cases in Victoria, 30 in New South Wales, and a few in Queensland. The total number of confirmed JEV cases in Australia sits at more than 70.


The Australian federal government has allocated the JEV vaccine for those at risk of exposure to swine, such as abattoir and piggery workers, veterinarians and others who work closely with hogs or mosquitoes.


-      ABC News

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