April 29, 2014


Ukraine aims to boost poultry meat exports in 2014


Representatives of Ukraine's Ministry of Agrarian Policy revealed that the country aims to increase its poultry meat exports by 10% or 18,000-20,000 tonnes this year.


Experts say that no poultry producers in the country are suffering any problems due to the political crisis, and now the business may even benefit from the support that European countries promised to the Ukraine economy.


It was stated during the meeting of the working group for the development of exports and imports of meat and meat products that the opening of the market of the EU for Ukraine poultry production will be an important milestone for the domestic poultry industry. In addition the officials stated that Ukraine producers should increase their competitiveness.


"Opening of the new markets for exports of meat and meat products of domestic manufacturers is difficult but a strategically important issue. It is possible to achieve positive results in this direction only with the joint efforts of business and government," according to Deputy Minister of Ministry of Agrarian Policy, Andrew Dykun.