April 28, 2015


Upsurge in exports of Ukraine soy meal and cake seen 


Ukraine is expected to export 190,000 tonnes of soybean meal/cake in 2014-15, or more than double the 86,000 tonnes exported in the previous season.


Svetlana Gnoevec, head of the oilseed market department at APK-Inform Agency, attributed the increase to the growth of soybean production and oilseed processing capacities in the country.


Ms. Gnoevec also told the conference "Ukrainian soybean market: prospects for development in 2015-2020" that in 2015-16, exports of the commodity may further reach a record 350,000 tonnes.


She said that the growing export volumes was supported by the decreasing cattle, pigs and poultry in Ukraine and the reduced purchased volumes of soybean meal and cake by local compound feed companies and livestock farms.