April 27, 2023


Chinese aquaculture company to export 2,000 pairs of seed shrimps to Vietnam




Guangdong Evergreen Group, one of the leading Chinese aquaculture companies, will, for the first time, export 2,000 pairs of the company's seed shrimps to Vietnam, the chairman of the company told the Global Times.


The export deal is the latest development in the industrial cooperation between China and the Belt and Road market.


"Because of our exports, Vietnamese clients now have a wider choice for seed shrimp," Chen Dan, chairman of Guangdong Evergreen Group, told the Global Times.


About 10% of all whiteleg shrimp seedlings in China are now supplied by Guangfong Evergreen's breeding bases.


China used to rely on seed shrimps from foreign suppliers but a number of Chinese aquaculture companies, including Guangdong Evergreen, have developed homegrown. breeds from foreign seed shrimps. As such, the reliance on foreign seed shrimps is just 30% today, according to industry insiders.


Even though there is increasing demand in China for seed shrimps, Chen noted the importance of opening up the Southeast Asian market.


Seed shrimps bred by Chinese companies are more accustomed to environments in the Asian region and the transport distance for seed shrimp exports is much shorter, giving Chinese seed shrimps a natural advantage over US seed shrimps sold to these markets, Chen said.


- Global Times

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