April 27, 2022


2,000 pigs infected with African swine fever disappears in Malaysia



Datuk Bakri Sawir, the chairman of the Negeri Sembilan state Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Action Committee chairman said about 2,000 pigs infected with African swine fever (ASF) from 19 unlicensed farms in Lukut, in the state of Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia, were believed to be removed from the farms without the authorities' knowledge, Bernama Malaysia reported.


He said the 273 pigs were culled, but days later the Negeri Sembilan Veterinary Services Department (JPVNS) conducted checks on the 19 farms and discovered the pigs have disappeared.


He said they do not have proof that all the swine have been culled.


The JPVNS have checked key roads where the 19 illegal farms were involved, and investigating are currently ongoing. Legal action will be taken on those involved.


Bakri called on the public to report to JPVNS or the state authorities if they discover anyone selling the ASF infected swine below market price.


-      Bernama Malaysia