April 27, 2022

Cargill to expand capabilities of Global Animal Nutrition Innovation Center in Minnesota, US



Cargill is expanding and renovating its Global Animal Nutrition Innovation Center in Elk River, Minnesota, the United States, located just 30 minutes from its global headquarters.


Along with a facility in Velddriel, the Netherlands, and the soon-to-be operating Changrong R&D center in China, the Elk River site serves as a hub of the company's global network of 15 animal nutrition research and technology application centers. These sites work around the clock to explore, innovate and think ahead of customers' challenges in navigating today's complex and ever-changing environment.


The nearly US$50 million investment will upgrade animal facilities including a new dairy innovation unit, construct a larger onsite feed mill, create a visitor's space and build a state-of-the-art laboratory for nutrient research and development.


Designed to serve dairy, poultry, swine and aqua nutrition customers and the testing needs of other Cargill businesses, the center hosts more than 2,000 visitors a year. In addition, new viewing corridors will allow visitors to view the animal R&D facilities conveniently.


April 19 marked the official groundbreaking for the upgraded facility that will open in spring 2023. The site has been operational for Cargill since 1958. There, teams develop new methods of nutrient measurement to deeply understand how ingredients feed animals and support their performance at all life stages. Animals are also cared for onsite to identify and validate scientific principles related to their health and understand how various nutrients support their wellbeing.


The laboratory renovation project's architect is Alliiance and the constructors are McGough and Weitz (feed mill).


Adriano Marcon, group leader of Cargill's animal nutrition business, said: "This is the largest investment Cargill's animal nutrition business has made in innovation. We are taking a significant step towards what is going to create state-of-the-art technologies for our world.


"We want to be the best animal nutrition partner globally, and our customers expect us to bring innovations that make them more competitive, efficient and sustainable. When they choose us as a trusted partner, they rely on us as a conduit to new technology. Therefore, we must be in the forefront and move faster to continue delivering on our promise to customers."


Mariano Berdegue, regional managing director (North America) of Cargill's animal nutrition business, said: "This investment showcases the importance of bringing sustainable growth to our business and is at the heart of the vision of being a nutrition company. This capability has never been more critical than now with what we are facing today regarding raw material prices, the cost of food, our ability to optimise nutrition and our ability to understand raw materials and convert them into protein. We feel proud about the options we are giving our customers so they can continue their livelihoods and thrive."


Arlene Fosmer, innovation director of Cargill's animal nutrition business, said: "Science drives our customer success. At this facility, we're unlocking the nutritional insights and analytics to innovate what matters most for our customers."


- Cargill

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