April 27, 2010
Easy Bio System chooses Hypor Kanto Duroc
Press Release

South Korean Easy Bio System, local partner of Hypor, has chosen to start sire line breeding with the Hypor Kanto Duroc. After a period of extensive testing of over two years the pork quality of the finishing pigs has shown a 'better fit' with the consumer needs of the Korean market.


Since March 2008, Easy Bio System is supplying high quality semen from Hypor Kanto Duroc to the Korean market as a trial. Through constant checking of the pork quality of finishing pigs produced by YLK cross breeding (Large White x Landrace x Kanto Duroc), Easy Bio System's confidence has been growing. It has lead to the conclusion that improving pork quality with the Hypor Kanto Duroc as a terminal sire line is the way to go forward.


Korean consumers prefer to eat pork with a proper quantity of intramuscular fat. The most popular part for Koreans is the belly of the pig. In that respect, pork production using Hypor Kanto Duroc as terminal sire line is very promising to provide Korean consumers with a different pork quality compared to local pork.


In February 2010 a total of 80 Hypor Kanto Duroc GGP animals were introduced safely to YoungKwang (YK) GGP farm, one of the six swine farms of Easy Bio System. The first group of Hypor Kanto Duroc gilts has already been mated. It is expected that YoungKwang GGP farm will start to produce healthy boars for self-replacement as well as for their partnering AI centres in the beginning of 2011.


For maternal line breeding, Easy Bio System has introduced the Hypor purebred lines Large White and Landrace to YoungKwang GGP farm approximately three years ago. Since then this farm has shown outstanding performance under local circumstances. As result it has attracted much attention of Korean swine farmers because of better bio-security, management skills and reproductive performance of the prolific Hypor breeds.

Easy Bio System is benefitting from the BioHypor programme. Under this closed herd programme, Hypor supplies frequent semen delivery from superior boars, breeding values and use of farm software and sow management programmes. The Easy Bio nucleus is a part of the worldwide Hypor database for Bio-Hypor which gathers information/data on performances of Hypor pure-lines all over the world.


Hypor is a leading company in swine genetics and committed to providing superior genetics supporting profitability in the total pork value chain. With its head office in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, the company has strategically located breeding centres in North America, Europe and Asia.


Genetic solutions are offered by a team that is powered by industry-recognised professionals who can meet the changing needs of industry customers around the globe. Backed by this support, Easy Bio System is on its way to becoming market leader in the Korean pork industry.  

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