April 27, 2004



Brazil Set To Takeover As Top Beef Exporter In 2004


According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Brazil could topple Australia in 2004 to become the world's largest beef exporting country and the latest beef export statistics suggest that this forecast may come to fruition. 


During the March quarter, Brazil exported just 5% less beef than Australia.  Brazilian beef exports amounted 179,914 tons, 17% higher than year ago levels.  Over this period, Australia exported 189,829 tons of beef, 1.6% below year ago levels.


During March, Brazil exported 71,037 tons of unprocessed beef, 44% higher than year ago levels.  These exports were valued at US$157.5 million, 92% higher than March 2003 levels.  Australia exported 76,598 tons of unprocessed beef during March.

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