April 26, 2022


Russia donates nearly 20,000 tonnes of wheat to Cuba



Russia donated about 20,000 tonnes of wheat to Cuba, its political ally as the island nation copes with rising global grain prices as a result of Russia's invasion into Ukraine, Reuters reported.


Andrei Guskov, Russian ambassador to Cuba, said Russia has agreed to ship wheat to Cuba last year. But the ship transporting the grains was stalled off the island because of Western sanctions for a month.


Guskov said due to sanctions imposed on Russia, it complicated payments to the shipper, which made it impossible for the boat to offload the wheat to Cuba.


On April 7, Cuba joined China, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Vietnam in voting against a United Nations General Assembly motion suspending Russia from the United Nations Human Rights Council over alleged human rights violations in Ukraine.


Since Fidel Castro's revolution in 1959, Cuba and Russia have had a long history of economic and military cooperation, though those relations have weakened in recent decades.


Despite Western sanctions that have affected logistics, Russia, one of the biggest wheat exporters in the world, continues to export grains to Cuba and other trading partners.


Increasing prices for wheat, other grains, and gasoline have exacerbated severe shortages in Cuba, forcing locals to queue for food, medication, and other essentials.


-      Reuters

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