April 26, 2007


US-FDA to test melamine on pet, hog feed



The US Food and Drug Administration said it will test pet and hog feed for melamine, a chemical blamed for contaminating more than 100 brands of pet food, killing pets and infecting hogs across the country.


Inspectors said they haven't found the chemical in human food products, but found it in wheat gluten and rice protein, common ingredients in pet and animal feed. In addition, FDA will test imported corn gluten, corn meal, soy protein and rice bran, which are vegetable proteins used in bread, pizza, baby food and vegetarian meals, reports the Washington Post.


Officials have traced the substance to two Chinese plants, which have been shipping product to US distributors since last summer, according to media reports.


Investigators say melamine has also been traced to hog farms in California, North Carolina, New York, Utah and possibly Ohio.

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