Wisium, the global international solutions provider for feed production, does not perceive its business as one that simply markets an array of products to the industry.

During the recent VIV Asia show in Bangkok, Thailand, Francois Fernandez, Wisium's director for global business development, and Eric Carfi, director for business development in Asia, tell eFeedLink that clients need to be better informed in adopting a grounded and more relevant approach to production before deciding on specific solutions.

"The challenges our customers are facing are complex. Because of the food chain and the evolution of needs, we have to adapt to the necessary requirements of our clients," Fernandez says.

Wisium seeks to tackle these challenges with the "Wisium Spirit", its philosophy of sharing the same goal of co-creating and co-achieving with clients, while also surpassing expectations.

These efforts should be supported by continual investment in the know-how of improved feed production - a point François Fernandez highlights from time to time. "That is why the Wisium Spirit is about investing with anticipation of the client's needs in mind," he explains.

Carfi thinks clients have much to gain from investments made in acquiring both quality solutions and applicable knowledge. "The promise we made to our clients is that we will help increase quality, productivity and performance," Carfi adds.

"We are by the side of our clients. We pursue the same goals and if our clients win, we win."

Getting the know-how to drive innovation
Wisium's headquarters for the Asian market is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. According to Carfi, the international brand of the premix of Neovia operates six premix factories in China and one in India, and also makes premix in the Philippines, and Vietnam.

"For Wisium, it is important for our parent company to invest in innovation. When we talk about new ways of innovation… it is  important to have a strong mother company to support such activities," Fernandez states.

Carfi also considers knowledge-sharing as another factor in expediting innovation. This initiative could take the form of a worldwide exercise since some solutions could originate from another part of the world.

As such, Fernandez calls for the further establishment of a global network in which industry players could enjoy international support when dealing with relevant challenges, as well as accessing a vast pool of knowledge. He opines that a client's competitiveness could improve through strong cooperation in terms of enhancing production procedures and management.

Understandably, getting the know-how of efficient feed production is the critical notion often emphasised by both Carfi and Fernandez.

"...it's not just about introducing products; it's about introducing a full concept," Fernandez says, elaborating that the best use of Wisium solutions is realised through a comprehensive knowledge of their applications.

Wisium also believes that no one solution is a silver bullet to the complicated challenges of feed production. For example, when it comes to cutting down antibiotics use in livestock production, Wisium offers a "full service" which entails various other formulations and innovative products, Fernandez says.

Additionally, a complete service should not lack the wisdom for its execution. Properly addressing the complex challenge of replacing antibiotics means that one needs to "address each of the livestock species in a different way. Each country's (livestock and feed production sector) is not progressing in the same momentum," Fernandez adds.

For Wisium, the effective resolution of production issues lies in the ability to invest in solutions for future challenges; in other words, being able to create solutions in a timely manner for tomorrow's issues.

In helping underline Wisium's strategy, Carfi best sums up the consequences if the company fails to resolve its customer's problems in time: "The point is, if you have good service and good technology, but you don't have the product, it is not good enough. If you have the product but do not have the knowledge to apply it, it's not working."

Success, based on Wisium's definition, is a matter of effectively responding to related developments in a fast-moving market. Therefore, the key to achieving business objectives is investing in the knowledge to do so. As a result, the days of wasted opportunities are reduced compared to when productions are conducted with the absence of knowledge.

In light of these outcomes, Fernandez is confident that Wisium can help customers fulfill their goals in the shortest time possible.

"If the client faces a challenge, working with Wisium is winning time - that is success," he remarks.

Visit Wisium at: www.wisium.com