April 25, 2013


Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay to see increased beef output in 2013


Rising beef output is expected in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay during 2013, according to the latest revision by the USDA.


Exports are also forecast to rise in Brazil and Paraguay in the same year, with the exception of Argentina.


Brazilian beef production is forecast to reach 9.5 million tonnes in 2013, due to government support for herd expansion, genetic improvements, sustained cattle prices and strong international demand. Beef exports have been revised upwards, forecast to reach 1.6 million tonnes - largely driven by increased opportunities for shipments to Russia. Brazilian pork production is also forecast to rise in 2013, totalling 3.4 million tonnes, assisted by an improvement in pig prices and steady stable feed costs. In contrast, broiler meat production has been revised down, to 12.8 million tonnes.


Meanwhile, beef production in Argentina has been revised up to 2.8 million tonnes, due to an increase in slaughter. However, with the industry still facing government export regulations and high cattle prices, exports are forecast to reach 180,000 tonnes in 2013.


Paraguayan production and exports are forecast to increase in 2013, largely driven by strong international demand, particularly from Russia.

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