April 25, 2007


Bangladesh encourages more women to be in poultry farming



Three organizations are coming together to encourage more women farmers and entrepreneurs to be in the poultry industry in Bangladesh.


The IFC Advisory Services for South Asia, the South Asia Enterprise Development Facility and the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Bangladesh Tuesday (Apr 24) signed an agreement to encourage more women into poultry farming.


The project includes a series of technical and business management skills training workshops and also sessions to help women entrepreneurs improve their businesses.


Bangladesh, with a poultry market worth US$1 billion has 150,000 small and medium companies engaged in poultry farming. The sector provides employment to 5 million people.


The initiative is part of a larger strategy to develop Bangladesh's agribusiness sector.


Bangladesh is currently struggling to contain a spate of bird flu outbreaks at its poultry farms. 

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