April 25, 2007


EU to conduct study on salmonella in pigs



The European Food Safety Authority is going to begin a study on the public health risks posed by the presence of salmonella in pigs.


The research will be the foundation to create additional safety restrictions on pork processing in a bid to lessen Salmonella infections.


Part of the research will also be undertaken by European institutions to ensure a balanced perspective, EFSA said.


The study will focus on measures in tackling bacteria which has contaminated food that afflicted many EU citizens each year.


An earlier report stated there were almost 200,000 reported cases of salmonellosis during 2004 in the EU's 25 member states.


Other analyses will include:

    • an assessment of the sources of infection for slaughter pigs at farm level;
    • the impact of slaughter processes on contamination of pig carcasses;
    • the expected effect of reducing Salmonella in slaughter pigs on Salmonella prevalence in pork and Salmonella food poisoning cases in people.