April 24, 2020


The EU proposes measures to support farmers affected by COVID-19


Proposed aid includes a two to six months storage for surplus dairy and meat products, which includes milk powder, butter, cheese and ruminant meat such as beef, sheep and goat, reported Reuters.


Other measures include thorough planned production, easing European Union (EU) competition law for six months maximum and other market support programmes.


Janusz Wojciechowski, EU Agriculture Commissioner said the upcoming measures are targeted at stabilising the markets to support prices and production.


The commission aims to introduce measures by end April after EU governments have voted.


The dairy industry in France has welcomed the new measures, while the farmers' association in Germany supported the EU commission's decision.


Copa Cogeca, a European farming association said restaurant and food service industry shutdowns meant producers are losing a market for more expensive meat cuts and faced poor returns for other sectors.


Previously, the European Commission announced that farmers have additional time to apply for direct payments of 100,000 EUR (~US$108,100; 1 EUR = US$1.08) per farm. Commissioner Wojciechowski added that 17 billion EUR (~US$18.3 billion) in unspent rural development policy funds may be directed towards farmers.


-      Reuters