April 24, 2012


Ukraine's winter crops sowings in good condition


The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine has informed that as of April 19, 2012 winter crops sowings in the country faced good and satisfactory conditions throughout 66.5% of the general areas.


According to the Ministry, winter grain sowings in Ukraine faced good conditions throughout 1.97 million hectares, or 26% of the general sowing areas. Winter crops throughout 3.07 million hectares of the sowings, or 40.5%, were in satisfactory condition. Nearly 23.1% of the areas or 1.75 million hectares, showed weak and thinned condition.


Agrarians received growing sprouts throughout 90.5% of the general areas of 8.39 million hectares planted with winter crops.


According to the Ministry, as of the reporting date, winter wheat sowings were in good condition throughout 1.66 million hectares or 27.4%, in satisfactory - 2.55 million hectares or 42.3%, weak and thinned condition - 23.2% or 1.4 million hectares.


Winter barley sowings showed good condition throughout 14.6% of the areas - 178,000 hectares, satisfactory condition - 30.5% of the areas or 372,000 hectares, weak and thinned condition - 25.4% of the areas or 309,000 hectares.


Winter rye sowing areas were in good and satisfactory condition throughout 44.1% (137,000 hectares) and 42.3% (131,000 hectares), respectively. The areas with weak and thinned condition covered 139,000 hectares (12.8%).


The general condition of winter rapeseed sowings faced little changes. In particular, 28.1% of winter rapeseed sowings showed good condition - 213,000 hectares, 28.4% or 215,000 hectares - satisfactory, 18.3% or 191,000 hectares - weak and thinned.


According to the State Statics Service, Ukraine sowed winter crops for grain and green fodder, including rapeseed, throughout 9.4 million hectares for the harvest of 2012, up 1.9% compared to the harvest in 2011. The sowing areas under winter grains increased by 3.8% to the level of 8.4 million hectares.