April 24, 2008


Marine Harvest teams up with WWF-Norway for sustainable aquaculture


Press Release


World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-Norway and Marine Harvest (MH) today announced their new partnership working to reduce the environmental impacts and ecological footprint of aquaculture.


Environmental impacts are a key concern in all Marine Harvest activities, and the company wants to strengthen the focus on sustainable fish farming with leading environmental standards. A partnership agreement with WWF-Norway will help Marine Harvest in its work with environmental challenges.


The secretary general (CEO) Rasmus Hansson of WWF-Norway believes that this partnership will create new opportunities for both organizations.


"Through this agreement, Marine Harvest and WWF-Norway will reduce the impact of Marine Harvest production on the environment and the industry as a whole while ensuring the economic sustainability of the production," said Hansson.


"Marine Harvest has a strong view that the farming of safe, healthy and sustainable fish is a business for the future. We have through several years had WWF as a dialogue partner in raising important issues in fish farming. We are formalizing our cooperation with WWF-Norway in order to increase the fact-based understanding of the aquaculture business," said Åse Aulie Michelet, CEO of Marine Harvest.


The partnership between WWF-Norway and Marine Harvest is signed for three years and is unique in the history of both organizations. WWF-Norway will, under this agreement, have the resources to employ a full-time marine conservation officer who will work with aquaculture.


MH and WWF-Norway have the following shared objectives under this agreement:

    • Protection of marine and freshwater biological diversity
    • Significant reduction of the ecological footprint and environmental effects of Marine Harvest's operations
    • Minimize climate change impacts from fish farming activities and processing.

WWF-Norway is one of Norway's most influential environmental conservation organizations and its marine programme has been working on aquaculture and fish farming for over a decade. WWF's mission is to conserve nature, biodiversity, and ecological processes while ensuring the sustainable use of renewable resources. WWF-Norway therefore recognises the potential value to society of aquaculture in terms of providing food security, revenue and an alternative food source to wild-caught fish.

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