April 23, 2020


Americans urged to eat seafood to support industry, 2 million jobs amid health crisis




Americans are being encouraged to eat seafood as a way to help them stay healthy amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as help the seafood sector stay afloat.


A coalition of 32 organisations convened by Seafood Nutrition Partnership (SNP) has started the campaign called "Eat Seafood, America!", which is the driving message of an effort aimed at helping Americans stay healthy and help boost the US seafood industry, which employs some 2 million people in the country.


The Seafood4Health Action Coalition noted that the US fisheries and seafood community have been hit hard with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as it has dramatically disrupted everyone along the supply chain, from fishermen and water farmers to fish processors to the restaurants that cook seafood for the consumers.


"America, by eating seafood, you are supporting your health and helping to save jobs," said SNP President Linda Cornish.


"The coronavirus poses a significant threat to the future of an industry that employs approximately 2 million people in the US. That's why we're asking everyone in America to support the seafood community by eating seafood and buying seafood each week."


The Seafood4Health Action Coalition includes Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute; Aquaculture Stewardship Council; Aquarium of the Pacific, Seafood for the Future; Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association; Chilean Salmon Marketing Council; Coastal Culinary Academy; Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions;


East Coast Shellfish Growers Association; Environmental Defense Fund; Fair Trade USA; FishChoice; FishWise; FMI: The Food Industry Association, Seafood Strategy Leadership Council; Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers; Global Aquaculture Alliance; Global Salmon Initiative; James Beard Foundation Smart Catch; Maine Aquaculture Association;


Maine Coast Fishermen's Association; Marine Stewardship Council, US; Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch; National Fisheries Institute; NOAA Fisheries; Northwest Aquaculture Alliance; Oyster South; Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association; Pacific Seafood Processors Association; Positively Groundfish; Sea Pact; Seafood Harvesters of America; Seafood Nutrition Partnership; and SeaShare.


To learn more about how you can be involved, you may visit eatseafoodamerica.com.