April 23, 2019

Cobb, ASGAV educate Brazilian consumers about benefits of chicken


Cobb-Vantress and ASGAV (Gaúcha Association of Poultry) are continuing a joint campaign educating Brazilian consumers about the benefits of making chicken a regular part of a healthy diet.

The campaign also focuses on the role of the poultry industry in Brazil and its importance to the country's continued economic development.

Cobb and ASGAV began sharing these messages with Brazilian consumers in 2017, and in December 2018, the organisations launched a multimedia campaign for residents in Rio Grande do Sul, a state in the southern region of Brazil. The blitz-style campaign included extensive social media components, paid print and broadcast advertisements, and leaflet distribution along the Gaúcha coast.

"The first edition of the campaign was a success, setting an important foundation on which our teams could build," said Cassiano Bevilaqua, marketing manager for Cobb Brazil. "We have reached a good number of Brazilians, educating them about the benefits of chicken — both in their diets and to the country's economy."

The campaign focused on ways in which chicken is important to consumers in the region: as a healthful food option, the role the poultry industry plays in the country and the quality of poultry that Brazil enjoys.

According to Cobb, the campaign seeks to educates consumers about health benefits of chicken as a suitable alternative to red meat,  while also combatting common myths about poultry production. It also highlights the importance of the poultry industry to Brazil's economy, both domestically and as an export commodity. Based on data released by the APBA (Brazilian Association of Animal Protein), Brazil was the second-largest poultry producing country (13.05 million tonnes of chicken meat) and the largest exporter of chicken meat (4.320 million tonnes) in 2017.

"Brazil enjoys very high-quality poultry and Cobb prioritises the quality of its products throughout the world with a robust genetics programme. The company also invests heavily in research and development to support poultry efficiency and reduce the costs for customers and consumers," Cobb said.

"We very much enjoyed being a part of this campaign, which aligns closely with our mission of bringing healthy and affordable protein to the world," said Bevilaqua. "We look forward to seeing the results from the 2019 campaign and to continue educating consumers across the country."

- Cobb

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